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Exalt Communication Infomedia

Exalt Communication Infomedia

Disseminating Knowledge

Exalt communication infomedia aims to deliver well conceptualised knowledge sharing events for senior executives of various industries in the market.

We are the fastest growing business information organisation in India, transforming from a local organisation into a global corporate event management agency, serving all industries across the globe with the vision to be the first point of reference for all decision makers who are seeking conferences, training and business development opportunities.

Our combined experience over the years in delivering events meets the business world's need for knowledge, experience and skill. This gives us the advantage to serve our customers and sharpen their skills, extend their horizons and build their personal networks.

Our events are based on a well-researched data which takes into account various challenges an organisation can face with new innovation and technology including introduction of new rules. We take pride in our events as it also encourages effective communication that accelerates knowledge sharing leading to a wholesome personal and professional growth.

Creative and Elegant

All of us at Exalt Communicationinfomedia have a fundamental belief that our values and what we stand for as a company, is what makes us unique.

  • Vision

    To establish Exalt communicationinfomedia as a well-recognised brand in the corporate event sector by producing events that meet the needs of the businesses to be successful.

  • Values

    Reliable, good quality and refined process of event execution which is portrayed through a unique delegate experience. Time and queries of each delegate is respected.


Quantum Advisors Pvt Ltd.

"Experience was very good. The overall management and infrastructure was excellent"

GroupM Media Pvt Ltd.

"Got Basic intro to some important Labour Laws, facilities were nice and well organised"

Setco Automobiles Ltd.

"The interstate migrant workmen act was new for me and even learned about various Bombay act"


"It was more of a refresher's training and certainly I did get clarity on many act"

Unitech Wireless Ltd

"Drafting skills, Negotiations were the key learning points, the training was organised in a well efficient manner, and it was a pleasure"

Larsen & Toubro Ltd.

"Drafting Contracts was very useful, Logistics were great"

Piramal enterprises Ltd.

"Learnt how to negotiate effectively"

Unitech Wireless Ltd

"Key learning points, negotiations & Main clauses for contract"

Mahindra & Mahindra finance service Ltd.

"Learnt Key Points on Drafting nice interactive & Knowledge sharing experience"

Idea Cellular Ltd.

"I learnt how to Draft a contract in better manner & how to negotiate effectively overall conduct of programme & especially the trainer was excellent"

Tata Steel Limited

"Good training module & professional trainer"

Escorts limited

"Nice arrangements & Course contents"

GKC Projects Limited

"Choice of the trainer has been excellent. the trainer enriched us with his experience & given good insight on the subject"

Coca Cola India Pvt Limited

"It was an overall enriching experience with deep discussion on areas concerning contract management"

HDFC ERGO General Insurance

"Examples were used to support the topics this gave us a better understanding very interactive course"

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited

"Overall programme management was of high standards"

Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services limited

"Presentations was useful and informative"

Percept Limited

"Whole experience was excellent"

Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited

"Maximum topics cleared and explained to the extent of satisfaction"

Quantum Advisors Private Limited

"Excellent organisation, useful topic"

Legal Counsel, HSBC Bangladesh

"Lovely experience all training & other facility were excellent"

Leagal Counsel, HSBC Sri Lanka

"Predrawn neatly on negotiation Skills & Drafting, very well organized & the learning environment was very condusive for learning, intence lerning sessions which is invaluable"

Head of Legal, State Insurance Company of Mauritius

"Learnt practical aspectsof drafting agreements, Really enjoyed the interactive sessions with the trainer"